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Recognizing Chronic Pain in Dogs and an Efficient Cure

Recognizing Chronic Pain in Dogs and an Efficient Cure

Posted by Brent Bonner on

Recognizing Chronic Pain in Dogs and an Efficient Cure

If you are a pet parent, you probably do everything in your power to ensure your furry friend is properly taken care of. From regular walks to nutritious food, you leave no stone unturned to keep your dog happy and healthy. You certainly don’t want to see him in pain. The tricky part is that your beloved companion can’t really tell you when he is hurting. Look for the subtle signs and get the help that is needed. If your dog is showing symptoms of arthritis, may we suggest a homeopathic called Pet Pain-Away solution to enhance his well-being in a holistic manner?  Pet Pain-Away is a non-toxic, non-narcotic treatment that uses the neuro-active peptides of cobra venom as an active ingredient. Did you know the use of cobra venom to treat chronic pain is backed by science? 

Physical and behavioral changes indicative of pain in dogs 

Your pooch may not be able to tell you what is hurting him but you should recognize certain behavioral and physical changes that are indicative of his pain.Always keep Pet Pain-Away solution at home for daily use and emergencies! 

When dogs are in pain, slight physical changes, including how they carry their body, are exhibited. If you find your pets shaking or trembling, panting, holding his head below the shoulders, know that he is suffering from pain. Twitching muscles and an arched back are other alarming symptoms. 

You may also recognize your furry friend is in pain if he behaves different than usual. Dogs tend to get cranky when in pain. Behavioral signs that tell you your dog needs pain relief medication are excessive licking, restlessness, aggression, and excessive vocalization. Most dogs usually don’t want to be touched when they are experiencing pain. 

Cause of pain in dogs 

Dogs either suffer from chronic or acute pain. A recent injury or illness leads to acute pain while chronic pain is the result of something that has been bothering your pet from a long time like arthritis. Anything that causes inflammation,triggers pain, such as back problems, sprains, soft tissue injuries and damage to joints or bones and hip dysplasia.

A holistic treatment 

 Choose a holistic treatment path to ensure your furry, four-legged friend’s overall wellness. Pet Pain-Away treatment is designed to relieve your pet from chronic joint pain, swelling, stiffness, and inflammation. It supports a healthy lifestyle in pets. Ready to discover a safe, natural remedy for your pet’s pain that is easy to use? Shop for our Pet Pain-Away solution today!  You can put Pet Pain-Away in your pets food, treat or give it right from you finger! You pet will love the hypo-allergenic chicken flavor!

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