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4 Ways to Help Your Pets Recover from Pain

4 Ways to Help Your Pets Recover from Pain

Posted by Brent Bonner on

4 Ways to Help Your Pets Recover from Pain

All of us want our pets to be healthy and happy but pain is an unfortunate part of life, even our furry friends are not exempted from it. The pain may be due to an injury or it may be chronic, like the pain from arthritis or hip dysplasia.

Depending on the pain’s severity and its cause, different treatment options are at your disposal to ensure your pet gets the much-needed relief. Pet Pain-Away and physical rehabilitation to name just a few. Read on!

1. Rest- An acute and sudden injury requires rest. Your pet should rest in a confined area to minimize movement, like in a crate, for faster recovery. If your dog is being rested, take it on short leashed walks for potty breaks. Confine cats in an area where jumping is not an option, keep a low-edged litter box nearby. A couple of days of rest may be sufficient for minor injuries. In case of a serious injury, like knee or back injury, strict rest for a few weeks is highly recommended and also a visit to your veterinarian.
2. Exercise and physical rehabilitation- Physical rehabilitation and exercise are the best ways to help your pet heal quickly from an injury as well as manage chronic pain. From muscle stimulation to underwater treadmill activity, physical rehabilitation can include a lot of things. Pet Pain-Away along with your vet’s recommendations is helpful. Consult your veterinarian before deciding whether your pet needs to rest or exercise.
3. Supplements- When your pet begins showing signs of discomfort, giving pet supplements may help. Long-term use is okay because the chances of unwanted side effects is lesser with supplements than pain medications. Also, never give human pain relievers to your cat or dog, there is a risk of severe liver or kidney damage. If you are looking for a non-toxic, non-narcotic pain relief for your pets, try our Pet Pain-Away , your furry friend will soon start feeling like itself again. Just put Pet Pain-Away in their food, on a treat or on your finger for them to eat. It has a delicious hypo-allergenic chicken flavor your pets will love.
4. Surgery- If nothing helps your pet, surgery is the last resort. You must never take surgeries lightly, there are some risks associated. It involves long recovery periods, not to forget, possible high costs of treatments. If your pet is suffering from pain related to torn knee ligaments or knee caps that are popping out, surgery is a viable option.

Bottom line
If you want your furry friends to feel their best, always talk to your veterinarian about their pain. Each pet is different and the treatment approach may vary accordingly.

In Pet Pain-Away, you will find an all-natural pain relief solution that is completely safe for your pets. The neuro-active peptides of Cobra venom is an active ingredient! You need to try it if your pet is suffering from joint pain, arthritis pain, or hip dysplasia. For Pet Pain-Away ingredients, do check out our website.

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