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Is Your Pet in Chronic Pain? Let’s Take a Quiz to Find Out

Is Your Pet in Chronic Pain? Let’s Take a Quiz to Find Out

Posted by Brent Bonner on

Is Your Pet in Chronic Pain? Let’s Take a Quiz to Find Out

When your partner, child, or parents are in pain, they can communicate clearly, and you can get them our opioid-free, long-lasting, fast-acting pain relief formulations, but what about when your pet is in pain? 

While they do not speak your language, they do have an instinctive way of letting you know when chronic pain bothers them. If you pick up on those hints, you can alleviate your furry friend’s aches and discomfort with our Pet Pain-Away with ingredients that are all-natural, non-narcotic, and non-toxic.

We have curated a quiz for pet parents to help them understand if their pet is troubled by pain. Before we begin, we would like to say, taking your pets to a veterinarian for regular check-ups is of utmost importance. 

Now, let’s see how familiar you are with your pet’s ability to communicate! 

Your pet is in chronic pain if:

  1. They don’t eat their treats. 
  2. They are slow to get up when you call them.
  3. They bark for no reason.

Did you guess 2? It is the correct answer. If your pet takes a couple of seconds to raise their rears up for standing, it is because standing up quickly has become hurtful.  

In fact, this is a classic sign of joint or arthritis pain. Consult your veterinarian and try our homeopathic Pet Pain-away formula to naturally relieve their pain. 

Your pet is in chronic pain when:

  1. They drink excessively.
  2. They stop cleaning their paws.
  3. They limp occasionally.

Dogs and cats in the wild hide any signs of weakness, like pain, to avoid becoming lunch of another animal. So, it is your pets’ intrinsic self-preservation instinct that leads them to hide their pain. But, if you notice your four-legged friend limping, they may be in debilitating pain.

Always keep a non-narcotic, homeopathic pain relief formulation at home, like our Pet Pain-Away with ingredients that are one hundred percent safe and effective.

Your pet is in chronic pain if:

  1. Their fur stinks.
  2. They pant when you go out for a walk. 
  3. They stop eating.

Your pet does not know the concept of dieting. So, when they don’t eat, it is because something else is excessively bothering them. Taking them to the veterinarian without delay would be a great idea.

Your pet is probably in chronic pain if:

  1. They hide all the time, only coming out occasionally to greet you.
  2. They start snapping at people for no reason.
  3. Both 1 and 2. 

It is 3. Any drastic change in your pet’s personality often means they are in discomfort and pain. They have only a few options to communicate, and barking, hiding constantly, and snapping are some of the tell-tale signs that something is not right with them.

Final Words 

You know more about your furry friend’s everyday activities. So, if you notice sudden behavioral changes, be proactive to find out what is wrong and seek holistic treatments if they are in pain. 

Our Pet Pain-Away with ingredients for arthritis that treat pain, stiffness, swelling, and inflammation is an all-natural solution, helping your pet live a healthy lifestyle.

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