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Thousands of pain-stricken individuals across the United States have turned to Nyloxin to help manage and relieve their pain.  From headaches and toothaches to arthritis and back pain, Nyloxin has helped people improve their well-being and have a more enjoyable lifestyle by not letting pain get in the way of things they love.  We still have a long way to go.  Over 100 Million Americans suffering from persistent pain, Nyloxin answers the call for a safe, effective, non-habit forming pain relief solution.  If you are one of the many American still suffering from pain, we invite you to join our growing list of happy and relieved customers.  

Do you have a Nyloxin success story you would like to share?  Please contact us - we would love to hear from you.

I'm a massage therapist I have incorporated Nyloxin into my pain therapies with unbelievable results. I believe in this product so much that I became a distributor just so my clients can live pain free.

- Steve Smith

We would like to thank you for bringing Nyloxin to the marketplace.

My wife has had M/S for over 30yrs and uses a 3 wheel scooter to get around. Her forearms get very sore and tired from extending her arms to operate the controls of the scooter. Using the Nyloxin rollon within 30-40- min. all the pain in her arms has subsided.. She also uses the oral spray product to reduce her usage of morphine. I also use the rollon on my right hip and left shoulder because I have to lift her 30-35 times a day in transfering her from place to place.I use it regularly for pain because my doctor wants me to avoid a hip replacement. I am 72 yrs old and play senior softball twice a week and when the old muscles get sore your Nyloxin surely helps.

Thanks again for a great product.

- Brent and Judy Kowalski

I have had tremendous pain relief from plantar fasciitis, knee pain and chronic shoulder pain since using the Nyloxin products for the last 2 months. What a great relief not to have to use Ibuprofen daily. Thank you Nutra Pharma for bringing this wonderful all natural, homeopathic drug to the people in need of pain and inflammation relief therapy. I am sharing this product with all those you are chronic pain sufferers.

- Dr. Ron Cook

My sweetheart and wife of 57 years suffered a massive heart attack in October 2006 and just six days later, while still in the hospital, a massive stroke. We had been traveling for six months in our Motorhome and were in New York state on our way back home when it all happened. Ever since the stroke, she has had to live with severe chronic pain on her left side from her shoulder all the way down to her ankle.

Since her stroke, and for the past seven plus years, Jean has tried everything, and I mean everything. (Hyperbaric chamber, acupuncture, pain doctors, every product someone would tell me about). I would buy a product hoping it would help alleviate pain but sadly, all with NO RESULTS until now.

In early March 2014 my friend Tom Adams called me and said he had a product that would help Jean. I bought it, as I had done many times in the past, still looking for something to relive her pain. By the end of March, just three weeks later, after faithfully using Nyloxin Oral Spray…………. SHE IS PAIN FREE!

- Walter Swancy

I've been on narcotics (on and off) since 1995 and have had major back pain every day from a head on collision crash I was in.

I had MAJOR surgery in 1998 and it didn't work and had another surgery in 1999, fused 2 vertebrae together with RAY'S CAGES and after about 2 years I was feeling ok, not great, still on & off with pain Med's working my own business when I was able in Home Improvements.

Then in 2004 I was working in a ladie's house, she lived on a lake and was getting ready to go fishing she went downstairs to do laundry and left the trap door in the floor open and I fell through it head over heals hitting big wooden steps down a flight of stairs and hit cement floor, broke ribs and got all banged up and my back was totaled. That was the summer of 2004.

In 2005 had another REAL MAJOR surgery this time it was rods, plates and 6 screws to hold it all together and was on med's ever since - Hydrocodone, Oxicodone, Percacet, Fentanyl patch, Morphine - you name it I was on it. Shots in my spine that killed me Going to Acupuncture, Chiropractors, Massage therapy, Pain Management Clinic and anyone that might help me.

Then 2 week's ago found out about this homeopathic drug called Nyloxin.

It is 600 times stronger then Morphine, non-addictive, no side effects, and made with Cobra Venom. I have been taking it for a week and Kid you not, im 80% pain free better then any of that other Stuff I was on. I stopped taking Med's all together. This is AMAZZZZZIIINNNG !!!!!!!

Be well everyone,

- Mike Z.

I live in South Texas where Fire Ants are every where. While working in the yard my husband was bitten in the foot. Normally that would result in blisters and once bitten they itch like crazy. Right after being bitten we rubbed some Nyloxin Gel on the bites and several hours later you could not even see where he had been bitten. If you have EVER been bitten by Fire Ants you know this is not something that you want to happen. Now with Nyloxin we never have to worry about being bitten again. Thank you Nutra Pharma for bringing this product to the market place.

- Shelly C.

I am amazed at how well the Nyloxin spray has worked for me. I have had headaches for years, which sometimes turn to migrains. I have done biofeedback, been in the medical care of neurologists, and gone through testings, nothing I have tried has ever gotten rid of my headaches for any length of time, until I tried the Nyloxin spray. I even went to the mountains last weekend at 6,000 feet, for 3 days without a headache the whole time, I don't remember that ever happening. I am sold on this product.

- Nancy Leamons

I tore my media meniscus playing golf and Nyloxin gel has been instrumental in alleviating the pain as it penetrates deep into the injury. I have used this product before and it is the best way of eradicating pain I've ever come across. I thoroughly recommend Nyloxin!

- Gus Riley

After having lower back pain for the last 20 years due to a sports injury and car accident I can finally sleep all the way through the night with Nyloxin!

It took 7 days of taking the oral spray four times a day for me to feel the difference. Now, I've been pain free for 60 days! Thank you Nyloxin!

- Robert Blackman

I am a Chronic Back & Neck Pain suffer for 20+ years. We were blessed when this product was introduced to us and a little skeptical at first having tried so many other product over the years. Gave it a shot and can't believe the results. It helps with my back and neck pain enough that I can function daily. Something that I have not been able to do for some time. Thank you for bringing this product to the market.

- L Corso

Having tried every pain relief product on the market for both chronic back pain and recently, a crushed finger, Nyloxin exceeded all my expectations. My finger was swollen to twice its size and throbbing beyond belief with pain, and the moment I applied the regular topical gel, the throb went to a buzzing pain, still painful, but better than the throbbing which kept me up at night. In less than five minutes the pain was gone, and stayed gone for nearly seven hours, amazing. Better yet, I only had to apply it before going to sleep and got through the whole night with no throbbing. Immediately ordered the spray for my back. Finally, a product that works as promoted.

- M. Sullivan

I had surgery on my left foot in Dec 12. My doctor told me that it could take a year for it to feel normal. Well long story short I went to see him in November as I was having pain on a very regular basis. He prescribed a medication that had to be compounded and cost me $66. It did not work. I rubbed some of the Nyloxin that my husband uses for his chronic pain on my foot. That was on Monday and it is now Friday and I have had NO pain all week in my foot. I love this product. Thank you Nutra Pharma for bringing this product to the market.

- Shelly Corso

I have to say that when it comes to "miracle" products I AM the world's greatest skeptic (apart from James Randy that is). When Nyloxin became available my first reaction was, ho hum another one! I have been a chronic pain sufferer for nigh on 15 years due to severe osteoarthritis in both my knees, the left knee was so bad it had to be totally replaced with an artificial joint. My right knee probably needs replacing but I am trying to put that off for as long as possible. That did not seem possible until two months ago when I ordered a sample pack on Nyloxin to try, anything to fend off invasive surgery. I thought what the hell, I've tried everything else, creams, liniments, emu oil in different forms, pills of various sorts and potency, rubs and scrubs the lot how could a bit of deadly cobra venom hurt me? So it was with a large amount of skepticism that I tried the first doses.

Not much happened for the first two weeks then WHAMO! I woke up one morning and noticed a great improvment, around 85% I reckon, and from there it's just got better. I reckon about 90% reduction in pain. I cannot believe what a difference Nyloxin has made to my life. Instead of just being able to walk six meters I am able to now walk 6 Km without any adverse effects. Thank you TCN and Nyloxin.

- Leon Degney

I give Nyloxin five stars. I have chronic arthritis in my feet, knees, and hands. After four days of taking Nyloxin ES spray I no longer have pain. My feet would swell up so bad in the morning I could barley walk, this no longer happens. Nyloxin is truly a amazing product.

- Paul M.

This past 2 years Arthritis has begun to seriously hinder my quality of life. My fingers and toes are bent, misshapen and achy. I haven't gotten much relief from any product EXCEPT YOURS. I use the roll on NYLOXIN and I swear by it. I wear tight gloves manufactured to support those with arthritis and it holds everything together, keeps the fingers properly aligned and everything nice and warm.

I have had less pain, more flexibility and just generally an improved quality of life since I started using the product. Please keep up the good work!!

- James Koleas

I have used the prior product and got a similar result. This product reduces or eliminates pain as stated. Use as directed. I have not found any other topical non-prescription product that performs pain reduction as well as this product.

- Glenn W.

I bought this product for my mom and she now can move and has a lot less pain on her joints.

- Manuel M.

I've used a lot of products for knee pain and none worked. I so this product never heard of it so I took a chance and tried it after a couple of days it works great for pain relief.

- Allen Mcdaniel

I've used the previous products before and obtained about 50% pain relief on chronically painful areas of my body. The first time I used Nyloxin, I was astonished at how much more relief (about 90%) that I received. Thanks for continuing to improve this great product!

- Therese A.

I first tried Nyloxin a few months ago for my husband's foot neuropathy. So far it is only Nyloxln that does any good to alleviate the foot pain and tingling. Nothing else has worked as well as Nyloxin has, not even RXdrugs work. Nyloxin is an excellent product and I will continue to use it.

- Cathy P.

My husband's big toe was numb from diabetes. With one application his toe is not numb anymore and he can bend it. He has great pain on the bottom of his feet, Since he has been using this product he is able to walk without pain. He is very happy with It

- Kim P.