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5 Signs Your Pet May Be Suffering from Arthritis

5 Signs Your Pet May Be Suffering from Arthritis

Posted by Brent Bonner on

5 Signs Your Pet May Be Suffering from Arthritis Is your pooch struggling to jump from the bed? Perhaps you are noticing a change in their energy levels? Maybe they don’t run to greet you at the door anymore? Your pet could be suffering from arthritis, which is a degenerative condition that can cause joint inflammation and seriously limit their mobility.

Arthritis is a common health concern that plagues middle-aged to older pets and can interfere with their quality of life. Sometimes, even younger cats and dogs, under certain circumstances can suffer from this disease. A few larger dog breeds like golden retriever and German shepherd are genetically at a much higher risk. Similar to humans, arthritis causes changes in the affected joints, which can be incredibly painful for your furry friend. Although it can occur in any joint in the body, it is most commonly seen in hips, knees, shoulders, lower back, and elbows.

The symptoms of arthritis in cats and dogs can appear gradually and worsen over time. You might even miss them when they are not too severe. But as the disease progresses, so do the symptoms and they become much more evident. Here are some common signs and symptoms of arthritis in pets that you should look out for:

  • Limping
Limping is one of the most common symptoms of arthritis in pets. Depending on the joints that are affected, you may find your pooch or kitty limping or favoring one or more legs over the others. If the spine is affected, they may also experience some lameness in their hind legs.

  • Reluctance or difficulty in moving
If you find your pet reluctant to do things they previously had no problem doing, such as going up and down the stairs or jumping onto the bed, it could be a sign of arthritis. They may also refuse to go on walks or lag behind.

  • Change in posture
In dogs, arthritis of the lower back is quite common, which can cause the back area to sag. If you notice a change in their posture, make sure you consult a vet for a proper diagnosis. They may suggest medicines with all-natural ingredients, like Pet-Pain Away, for arthritis.

  • Irritability
Does your dog growl or your cat hiss when you try to touch them? Has your pet become grumpier than usual? The constant pain in their joints might cause them to become irritable. If you handle them in a way that worsens their pain, they might even try to attack you.

  • Changed behavior
If your pet is in pain, it might also lead to a change in their behavior. For instance, they might prefer to spend more of their time curling up in a quiet corner of the house instead of, say, following you around or playing with their toys.

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