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A Guide to Treat Pet Pain-Away: Hip Dysplasia Edition

A Guide to Treat Pet Pain-Away: Hip Dysplasia Edition

Posted by Nina Goldstein on

A Guide to Treat Pet Pain-Away: Hip Dysplasia Edition
Hip dysplasia or HD is quite prevalent in large and older dogs. To give you a short outline, hip dysplasia is the abnormal formation of a hip socket that eventually causes lameness and arthritis of the joints in its severe form. HD is a genetic condition that environmental factors can aggravate. If you spot weakness or pain in the hind legs of your dog, chances are your pet might be suffering from hip dysplasia.

Indeed it is a painful condition that acts as a precursor giving rise to severe health conditions if left untreated. Some of them are as follows:
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Hind limb lameness
  • Muscle atrophy
Furthermore, HD leads to irreversible damage that causes permanent loss of function and pain in the later stages of life if left untreated. With that being said, here are a few ways how you can out your pet’s pain away and induce calm and relief:

If your pet is more on the heavier side weightwise, you might want to consider weight loss for your pet. A healthier weight will add less stress on your pet’s bones and make it easier for them to move across. However, make sure that your pet takes balanced meals to not miss out on its nutrition. Also, ensure proper hydration along with some physical activity.

Just like humans, physical therapy is beneficial for dogs as well. An expert physician can recommend corrective postures and rehabilitative exercises that help strengthen those muscles and align the misplaced bones back in place. Additionally, a professional will even give you lifestyle tips on how to take care of your pet pooch at home.

With the weakening of bones and joints, your dog might not be able to stay active for longer or do stuff that he/ she used to do before. Make sure that your dog doesn’t exercise on a hard surface. Jumping over hard floors such as tiles, concrete, or any other material might significantly worsen the situation if your dog cannot save his/ herself from the fall. Hard falls can break the hind limb, hip bone, major muscle/ ligament rupture, among other things.

A natural, opioid-free hip dysplasia treatment with Pet Pain-Away is an effective treatment. A nyloxin-based ointment not only provides instant pain relief but also works against inflammation without any side effects or addictive effects like its steroid-based alternatives.

An important thing to note is that not all cases of hip dysplasia can be prevented or treated topically. Depending upon the severity of your pet’s case, you might need to opt for surgery or any other invasive treatment. Also, different breeds show different susceptibility and responses to various treatments. As a responsible owner, do the required research while conducting appropriate health screenings with the help of a professional. Overall, an ideal treatment method with lifestyle changes will help your dog remain comfortable as he/ she transitions into old age.

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