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4 Signs That Tell Your Dog Is In Pain

4 Signs That Tell Your Dog Is In Pain

Posted by Brent Bonner on

4 Signs That Tell Your Dog Is In Pain

As a dog owner, you always want your pet to be healthy and happy. But since they don’t share the same language as we do, it can be a little challenging to tell when they are in pain. Of course, some signs of pain in dogs are pretty obvious — visible wounds and limping — and if they appear, you need to provide them with immediate pain relief with the help of homeopathic medicine, such as Pet Pain-Away for chronic pain. But other signs are difficult to spot, which can keep your dog in pain for weeks or even months. 

To help you ensure your dog’s safety and wellbeing, here are a few signs that your dog is in pain:

Constant grooming

While dogs normally like to groom themselves, if this behavior becomes compulsive and obsessive, it indicates that the dog is in pain. Pay meticulous attention if they start to lick a particular part, such as paws or lower abdomen, as they generally lick where it hurts. 

Being more vocal

If your dog is making more noise than usual, he may be trying to tell that he is in pain. A sudden increase in whining, barking, growling, or any other kind of vocalization generally means they are in pain. If your pet is more vocal, try giving them, Pet Pain=Away which is safe for pets. 


A sudden change in your pet’s behavior may indicate that they are in a problem. If your dog is friendly and social in general but becomes aggressive unexpectedly, there are good chances that he is in pain. 


Panting in dogs is usually a sign of exertion. But if they pant excessively without engaging in physical activity, they may be in stress resulting from pain and need immediate attention. If you notice this in your pet, take him to the vet immediately.

If you notice these signs in your dog, help him get immediate pain 

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